About The Game Board

This is the game board for Gallery Hero. The object of the game is to clear the board tiles using only the player tiles. The scoreboard indicates the player's progress. The pause button pauses the game.


Valid Moves

The player can only place the player tiles at the beginning of each move. A valid move is on top of another tile, the bottom of the board, but not in mid-air. The player cannot select or move the board tiles.

How to Clear the Board

Each tile has four sides, and each side can be a different color. Board tiles are cleared by matching colored sides of other board tiles.

Combo Moves

When board tiles are cleared, any tiles above them will obey the Law of Gravity and fall. Further matches will keep going until no more matches are left for that move. This is called a combo move. Identifying the best combo moves is key to winning Gallery Hero.

Challenges and Scoring

Normal levels
Clear all tiles in the fewest moves. The number of markings indicates how many moves are left. The colors indicate how many moves are left to earn the associated star. (bronze, silver, or gold)

5 move challenges
Clear the most tiles in 5 moves. The scoreboard indicates the number of tiles cleared and how many are needed to complete the challenge.

Blackout challenges
Clear all tiles in the fewest moves, but in the dark. Each successful match will briefly light up the board so the player can see it.

Timed challenges
Clear all tiles in the shortest time. Unlike other challenges, the player have unlimited moves, but limited time. The timer indicates how much time is left. The colored sections of the timer indicate how much time is left to earn the associated star. (bronze, silver, or gold)

Stars And Paintings

Earning bronze stars is enough to complete all the levels and unlock the paintings.
Look for combo moves to clear the board quicker and earn silver stars.
The ultimate test of skill is to get all the gold stars, which will unlock a fun secret for the completionists!